On Demand

If you just have a one off project, or need
help on a more ad hoc basis, we charge
by the hour.


Things to know:

- Prepayment of between 2-5 hours is required,
depending on the scope of the work.

- Unused time can be rolled over for
up to 1 month.

Automation Club


If you're looking to really transform your business with automation, our monthly plan get us involved in a more hands of way - and it's better value.


Included every month:

- 1 hour strategy call
- 3 hour of build time
- Proactive error monitoring
- 'In The Know' email alerts
- Q&A by email

Buy more build time @ $150/hour

Club benefits explained

All the help you need to make automation a success in your business.

Strategy session

A monthly phone call to discuss your overall aims and plan specific automations.

Build time

This time is for us to build new workflows, improve existing ones and do any required troublshooting and maintenance.

Proactive error monitoring

We'll monitor your workflows and if anything goes wrong, we'll jump and fix things, keeping disruption to a minimum.

'In The Know' alerts

We have a private newsletter just for our clients to keep you updated on new features, tools and resources you're going to find useful.

Q&A by email

Got burning questions you want help with? We're just an email away and aim to respond (during the working day) within 4 hours.

Ready to start automating?

Give us an overview of what you need and we'll in in touch ASAP to start discussing things with you.
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Is there a minimum commitment for the Automation Club?
Nope. You can cancel your subscription any time you want and you'll only pay for that month. We don't, however, do part-month refunds.
How can I pay?
We accept credit and debit card payments or bank transfers. For monthly Automation Club payments, we also accept (and prefer) direct debit.
Can I pay in other currencies?
Yes, you can pay in GBP or EUR. We'll calculate the exchange rate using Google.
Is there sales tax?
We're a UK business, so if you're based in the UK as well, we'll need to add VAT at 20% to your invoices.

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