Automate your sales process

You focus should be on closing leads, not processing them

Using automation tools like Zapier & Integromat we can change that for you.

What problems can we solve?

A good lead gen funnel usually involves moving lots of data between apps. Automation can help reduce the time spent on that.

Adding new lead data to your CRM

Manual data entry is the biggest way businesses waste their time. We can make sure new leads are added to your CRM automatically.

Assigning leads to staff

Some CRMs take care of this automatically, but if not, we can make it happen - even using round robin or other custom distribution methods.

Automated followup messages

Want to send your leads SMSs, emails or even snail mail when they reach set milestones? It's totally possible.

What sales apps can be automated?

Chances are your sales process involves (or should) at least one of the apps below. Check out our ideas for what you can automate.
Automation use cases
A popular CRM and one of the easiest to integrate with other apps. It's particularly good for companies with complex sales pipelines.
Create, manage and analyse sales outreach cadences using email, SMS and social media.
Find and verify email addresses for any company in an instant.
If you already spend most of your day in Gmail, you may as well have your CRM in there as well. Streak is your choice for that.

Don't see your app listed? We can probably still help

It's possible to create custom integrations for Zapier and Integromat, and there are other ways to connect apps.

Tell us about the bottlenecks in your sales process

We've helped dozens of your businesses just like yours save time and money by automating their business development efforts.
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