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We're the partner that will help you do automation right.

Whether you've got a specific process you want to automate or you want to streamline your whole business, we're ready
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Quick wins and constant improvement

We want you seeing progress within days and improvements within weeks.
Step 1

Getting to know your business

Tell us what your business does and what it needs. If you've got it all planned - great. If not, we'll help you work out areas you can automate.
StEp 2

Planning the work

Now starts the hard work (for us). With the problems identified, we'll plan specific automation workflows to solve them.
Step 3

Build and test

Once we have a plan, we don't waste time. We'll built, test, and roll things out as soon as they are ready.
Step 4

Monitor and improve

Like everything new, our workflows may need tweaking. We'll be on hand for that that and to make improvements as we spot them.

Choosing between automation tools.

We work with two tools - Zapier & Integromat. If you're not already using one, there are a few variables to consider when picking.


One of the most well known tools, Zapier is easier to get into and is perfect for business that have fairly straightforward processes to automate.

Check out out Zapier offerings


Integromat is newer automation tool but well known for its advanced features and flexibility when it comes to building more complex workflows.

  • It integrates with 500+ app (but often on a deeper basis than Zapier)
  • Pricing plans run between $9/m and $299/m and are primarily usage based.
  • An enthusiastic community of power users compliment the support team.
Check out out Integromat offerings

Let's get started

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Work with a team of experts

No admin or account managers - it's too much hassle! You'll be working directly with the person building your workflows.
Luhhu's founder and client point person, Andrew spends days planning workflows with clients, then building them.
One of our original engineers, Eszter is at the coalface building automations for our clients every day.
With a deep understanding of the Zapier Platform, Ikbel builds custom integrations and code steps for our clients.

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