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How much does Make (Integromat) cost? Their pricing model explained

Want a cheaper, easier alternative to Zapier? Try Make (1 month of Pro free!)

Their pricing model is fairly simple, based on the number of tasks - known as 'operations' completed by the workflows you create.

Make (formerly Integromat) is a popular automation tool, allowing you to create powerful workflow connecting the hundreds of different apps they support.

Understand what Make counts as a task and calculating how many your workflows use is the key to working out what plan you need. Make has a variety of pricing plans each with a variety of limits.

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How much does Make (Integromat) cost?

Make has five plan levels - free, core, pro, teams and enterprise. Each plan has a starting price and then tiered pricing based on how many tasks you need.

Here is a pricing table that's up to date as of Mar 2022:

These prices are per month, billed yearly. Paid monthly plan prices are slightlly higher.

You can pay with debit/credit card, or via PayPal - and all prices are in $ USD.

What counts as an operation in Make (Integromat)?

When a workflow runs live, each successfully completed step (including the trigger) counts as 1 operation.

Steps in your workflow that don't run because a filter stops your workflow don't count towards your operation quota.

Let's look at an example to illustrate.

You have a workflow that triggers on a new Shopify order, a filter step to check if the order total is above a certain amount and then a step that writes the order details to a new row on a Google Sheet. That workflow has two steps, including the trigger.

If the workflow runs, and the order total is above the set amount and the details are written to a Google Sheet - then you'll have used two operations.

If the workflow runs but the order total is below the set amount, then the filter will stop the workflow. In this case, just one operation is used.

With that in mind, you can easily calculate how many operations you might need per month.

What other restrictions are there with Integromat plans?

As well as operations, Make plans meter by data transfer. If your workflows are handling just text data, you're not likely to hit the limits, even on lower-tier plans - but if your workflows handle files, it's something to consider.

Similarly, the trigger time interval is restricted. On the lower plans, you can only trigger once every 15 minutes. On higher plans that drops to 1 minute.

This table summarises some other restrictions:

A table covering the features available on each Integromat price plan.

Does Make (Integromat) have a free plan?

Yes it does - and it's pretty generous, including up to 1,000 operations and access to all other features.

Does Make (Integromat) have an enterprise plan?

Yep - they've recently announced a bespoke enterprise service, with enhanced team management, security and billing features. Pricing is flexible and based on annual usage.

You can request a demo directly from the team.

Is there a limit to how many workflows you can build and the apps you can use?

You can build as many workflows as you want on any of the plans (including free), and you can have as many of them switched on as you want (except on the free plan where the limit is 2).

In terms of apps, you can use any of them on any plan (again, including free), with the exception of Twitter - which requires a paid plan. This is because people were abusing the app to create spam machines.

How does Make (Integromat) pricing compare to Zapier and n8n?

Make works out cheaper than Zapier in almost all scenarios. Zapier is almost more restrictive in its 'feature per plan' structure. Its free plan is also quite limited.

n8n - the self-hosted version is free, but has a steeper learning curve and requires you to host on your own server (which will almost certainly cost you). n8n does also have a paid cloud version which is very cheap - mainly because it charged per workflow run instead of per step.

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May 13, 2021
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