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How to automate your ecommerce business

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With so many moving parts, you need all the help you an get. Using automation tools can help you streamline your ecommerce processes.

What ecommerce problems can automation solve?

With any new client there's lots to do - and lots that can be missed. Automation can help you keep the process consistent.

Getting order information where it needs to be

From CRMs, to logistics apps and bookkeeping platforms, automation can keep customer & order records in sync.

Keeping customers updated

Make sure customers know what's up with automated emails, SMSs, faxes or even good old fashioned mail. It's all possible with automation.

Managing customer problems and feedback

Automate responses to simple queries and route the rest to the right people. You can even automate feedback collection.

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What ecommerce apps can be automated?

Using one of the apps listed below? You're in luck - they can be automated. Check out our ideas for what you can automate.


The ultimate ecommerce platform, with lots of customisation options, built in payments and an ecosystem of thousands of plugins.

Available on: Zapier & Integromat


More than just a chat widget on your site, Intercom allows you to manage customer relationships with ease.

Available on: Zapier & Integromat


Manage reviews and referrals from your customer and drive more business.

Available on: Zapier


An all-in-one platform that allows you to create, manage and track product dispatches to your customers.

Available on: Zapier & Integromat

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March 15, 2022
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