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What are Zapier premium apps?

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Zapier designate some of their apps as premium, reserving them for paid plans only.

Zapier is a platform that helps people automate processes in their businesses by connecting various apps together in steps controlled by conditional logic of ‘if this then that’. On Zapier, you have free apps and premiums apps. What is the difference?

Zapier's free apps are ones that you can use in on any Zapier plan, including their free plan. On the other hand, Zapier premium apps are apps that you can only use in the Zapier paid plans.

To understand further, Zapier has 5 plans; Free, Starter, Professional, Team, and Company. The free plan gives you a glimpse into what is possible with Zapier. However, it has several limitations. Moving up into the paid plans, with the Starter plan, you can set up zaps using a maximum of 3 premium apps. However, in the higher plans – Professional and above – you can set up zaps using unlimited premium apps.

Zapier premium apps as marked as “premium” in the Zapier app directory.

Below are some Zapier premium apps and a summary of what they do. Check Zapier’s app directory for a full list of Zapier’s premium apps.

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GoToWebinar helps people to conduct video and audio conferences with an audience of up to 1,000 people. Zapier allows you to send information between GoToWebinar and other applications like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Sheets, and more.

For example, a zap can be set up to add a Mailchimp subscriber every time you have a new registrant on GoToWebinar.


Zendesk is a customer support platform that can also be integrated with other applications like Asana, Slack, Calendly, Google Sheets, and many more.

An example would be to create a new task on Asana when a new ticket is created in Zendesk.


Shopify is an eCommerce solutions provider that helps users easily create an online store and start selling. It can be integrated with various apps using Zapier.

For example, you can integrate Shopify with Clickfunnels to create new Shopify orders from any successful Clickfunnels purchase.


PayPal is a way of sending and receiving money online. Zapier allows users to connect PayPal to other applications like Xero, Gmail, Zoom, among others.

A quick example of a zap can be to create a new Xero invoice when you make a sale on PayPal.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms help businesses collect high quality leads from ads by pre-filling some information from the LinkedIn user’s profile. On Zapier, you can use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with other applications like Google Sheets, Gmail, Hubspot, Slack, among others.

For example, you can set a zap that creates a new spreadsheet row every time you receive a new LinkedIn Lead Gen Form response.

Instagram Custom Audiences

Instagram Custom Audiences is an ad targeting option that helps businesses target their ads towards a customised audience that might be from an email list, Facebook interactions, Twitter, etc.

On Zapier, for example, you might set a zap to add a user’s email to your Instagram custom audience when they follow you on Twitter. Another example is you can set Instagram to add a new email to your custom audience when someone posts on your Facebook timeline.

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August 30, 2020
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