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Which digital banks have Zapier integrations?

Which digital banks have Zapier integrations?
April 21, 2020

Digital banks - which are typically 'mobile only' - are more and more popular these days. Many including Revolut, Transferwise, Bunq and Qonto have Zapier integrations.

If you're running a business and considering using a digital bank, you'll probably find it useful to integrate it with some of the others apps your business uses - particularly sales, invoicing and accounting ones. So, we decided to explore which digital banks have Zapier integrations.


Based in the UK, and serving anyone living in an EEA country in Europe, Revolut is one of the biggest and most well known digital banks.

They have a Zapier integration, but right now it only works for their business customers. Using it, you can trigger a zap when there is a transaction on one of your accounts, or search for an account to get its details.


Bunq is a Dutch-based digital bank. Using their Zapier integration, you can trigger when you use your bank card, or when you send or receive a bank transfers. In addition, you can use Zapier to create a payments between your own Bunq bank accounts (but not to other people's)


Based in France, Qonto is a popular digital bank for SMEs and freelancers, with fees much lower than local competitors. Using their Zapier integration, you can trigger a zap when there is a new transaction in your account.


While not technically a bank, Transferwise has many of the useful features of one - including the ability to get local bank details for GBP, EUR, USD and several other currencies via their Borderless service, making it easier to get paid by your customers. Their core product is to send and receive payments in many different currencies at a fraction of the cost of banks of other money transfer services.

Luhhu recently created a Zapier integration for Transferwise so you can check your Borderless account balances and send transfers.

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