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Our favourite Zapier apps in 2022

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The apps you use with Zapier are just as important as Zapier itself. But, with 2,000+ how do you decide which ones to use?

We’ve rounded up our favourite Zapier apps, to give you a little direction.

11 of our favourite Zapier apps

1. Good for accounting: Xero

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Xero kicks off our list of favourite apps — a must-have integration to reduce the amount of time you spend on dull, time-consuming financial work. Everything business relies on solid accounting software, and Xero helps you manage invoices, pay bills, and track your expenses. 

Not only that, but you can also use Xero to accept payments, operate your payroll, and much more besides. In essence, it's your all-in-one tool for managing accounts. And, as you might imagine, it’s even more useful when combined with Zapier, too. 

Some of the most popular Zaps for Xero include automatically creating invoices when you make a sale, sending alerts via chat apps when invoices come in, and updating your contacts based on your Xero interactions.

Never fall behind on your paperwork again.

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2. Good for parsing PDFs: Docparser

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Zapier transforms data-heavy business activities, making it quick and easy to draw data from one resource and incorporate it into an automated workflow. Pulling data from files, however, hasn’t always been so simple. 

That's where a tool like DocParser comes in. It allows you to scan PDFs for keywords and fields, extracting data as you go. You can even customise it depending on the type of document you're scanning (forms, invoices, orders, etc.). Combining DocParser with Zapier gives you the ability to use this data with other apps and services. 

3. Great for parsing emails: Parseur

(see on Zapier)

Parseur is another helpful (and aptly-named) parsing tool, designed to scan through emails and pull out specific information. Like DocParser, you can configure it to scan specific types of content, such as food orders, receipts, and more. 

Parseur features many of the same Zapier integrations as DocParser. You can store parsed data in a spreadsheet, compose that data into a new email, or implement it in the creation of a new file in another app. 

Check out our guide on parsing emails in Zapier.

4. Great for newsletters: MailerLite

(see on Zapier)

2020 has proven that email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers. For those who need a solid email marketing campaign (i.e. all of us), MailerLite is a great option. As the name implies, it's a simple, toned-down, and affordable tool for building an email campaign. 

And it's automatable! By using MailerLite with Zapier, you can direct your campaign subscribers to other channels, combine your email and social media followers, and keep track of your leads.

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5. Great as a CRM: Pipedrive

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CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management systems, are essential for business retention and generation. But with so many on the market, how do you choose the right one?

We chose Pipedrive due to its high reviews, reliability, and quality of service. It's consistently rated as one of the best CRMs out there, and it boasts the closing of $24 billion in deals for companies. Not bad!

What’s more, we think it’s a great addition to your Zapier utility belt. You can integrate it with your social media, website, comms, and more for ultimate automation.

6. Great for building forms: Formstack

(see on Zapier)

Forms are one of the least appreciated elements in online interactions. They're integral to the way you interact with the internet, allowing you to create accounts, make purchases, and communicate too.

And when it comes to creating and managing forms, few apps stack up against Formstack. Formstack makes it easy to digitise and store documents, automate form and document-based workflows, and, of course, create online forms. Formstack even allows you to sign and accept signatures. 

When you put all of this together with Zapier, you have an app that can handle nearly all of your paperwork — automatically. 

7. Great for eCommerce: Shopify

(see on Zapier)

Shopify is, by anyone’s judgement, one of the leading eCommerce platforms available. It empowers businesses of all shapes, sizes, and histories to launch an online store in just a few hours.

For those who haven't (or don't) use Shopify, it does a lot more than expedite the creation of your online store, as well. It also provides you with features like checkout, integration with popular payment options, mobile optimisation, marketing tools, and, yes, integration with Zapier. 

By integrating Shopify with Zapier, you can streamline your accounting, automate your purchase confirmations, improve your customer retention, and implement smoother, more attention-grabbing sales. We highly recommend it!

See how one entrepreneur uses Zapier in his ecommerce business.

8. Great for sending SMS: Twilio

(see on Zapier)

Another great feature of Zapier is its ability to combine and automate your various communication channels. It's what makes apps like Twilio so potent on the platform.

Twilio is a multi-channel comms service, allowing you to chat with customers on any medium you can think of — and SMS is something it does particularly well (especially when compared to competitors). SMS is powerful because it's ubiquitous, cost-effective, and very engaging. Add automation to that, and you have a serious communications powerhouse. 

9. Great for project management: Trello

(see on Zapier)

Apps like Trello have become essential in project management, particularly if your team is part of the mass-migration to remote work structures. For those who haven't used Trello, it's an app that organises your company’s tasks into cards and columns. 

Each task gets its own card, with notes, collaborators, and notifications. You then drag that card to a column that matches its progress. That might be something like, "Waiting to be completed", "Needs tweaking", or, "Ready for launch".

The workflow is simple and agile-friendly, which makes this a frictionless addition to your setup. And, after integrating it with Zapier, you can automate assignments, send customised notifications, and update your calendar without lifting a finger. 

Check out our 10 of our favourite Zapier automations for project and task management.

10. Great for spreadsheets: Airtable

(see on Zapier)

If you prefer to organise your assignments in a more detailed spreadsheet, then opt for Airtable over Trello. Rather than cards and columns, it groups your assignments by date. It's also more data-rich, focusing on adding as much information to each assignment as possible. 

This makes Airtable a valuable solution when your work needs more detailed instructions, briefs, and requirements. Airtable is generally more helpful among larger teams as well, especially when roles of team members vary. 

After integrating with Zapier, you can do just about anything with Airtable. It integrates with marketing services, capturing data from new leads. It integrates with communication and calendar apps, streamlining the task assignment process. And it integrates with various form builders, platforms, and file managers, giving you limitless options for automation.

Check out our guide on when to use an app's built-in automation options - which Airtable have just added.

11. Great for scheduling: Acuity

(see on Zapier)

Automation isn't just helpful for reducing time spent on menial tasks. It's also super useful when you need to simplify something and reduce the number of errors surrounding it. 

Acuity is an app that does both of these things for your scheduling. It helps you keep track of your schedule, helps clients schedule appointments with you, and integrates with Zapier for even more automation excitement. 

A handy way to eliminate time zone confusion when booking in calls!

Check out our guide on how to leverage automation when dealing with scheduling logistics.

Start using Zapier with your favourite apps

Hopefully this article helped you explore the seemingly endless world of Zapier apps — maybe it also inspired new ways to use your existing integrations, too. If you're looking for more good finds, insights, or nuts-and-bolts tutorials, check out the rest of the Luhhu blog

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December 29, 2020
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