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How does Make (formerly Integromat) pricing work?

Want a cheaper, easier alternative to Zapier? Try Make (1 month of Pro free!)

If you've been looking for a comprehensive guide to understand the pricing model of Make (formerly known as Integromat), you're in the right place. Make offers a variety of pricing plans suited for different needs, from individuals getting started with automation to large organizations that want to automate their key business functions.

In this blog, we'll break down each pricing plan and what it entails.

Free Plan

The Free plan, priced at $0 per month, is ideal for individuals starting with automation. You don't need any coding skills, thanks to the no-code visual workflow builder. The plan includes 1,000 operations per month, access to over 1000+ applications, and the use of the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

It's a wonderful starting point if you've never dipped your toes into the automation world and are looking for an easy-to-use platform that doesn't make a hole in your wallet. It's a free plan but packed with value.

Core Plan

Price at $10.59 per month, the Core plan increases the number of operations per month to 10,000. It is an upgrade from the free plan and comes with several improved features, including unlimited active scenarios and access to the Make API.

It also offers the ability to schedule scenario executions with a minimum interval of a minute, giving you more control over when your automated scenarios run. The Core plan is a great fit for those who need more power and flexibility from their automations.

Pro Plan

Billed at $18.82 per month, this plan is a more advanced offering and is meant for individuals who want to benefit from more sophisticated automations. On top of the Core plan features, you get custom variables, Scenario inputs, and a full-text execution log search.

With the Pro plan, you also get the operations usage flexibility and priority scenario execution to provide better performance and value. It's designed for those who want to get a little bit more out of automation.

Teams and Enterprise Plans

At $34.12 per month, the Teams plan is ideal for departments that want to introduce automation to multiple users. It provides everything available in the Pro plan plus adds features that are essential for team collaboration, like multiple teams and permissions, high priority scenario execution, and the ability to create and share scenario templates.

The Enterprise plan is custom-priced and intended for large organizations that want to roll out automation to run key business functions. It offers enhanced security, 24/7 customer support, dedicated account managers, and advanced automation capabilities. For pricing details, you need to get in touch with Make's team of experts.

Each plan is meticulously designed to ensure that all levels of users receive what they need from the platform. By understanding the benefits and features of each plan, you can make an informed decision on which is the best fit for your needs.

August 6, 2023
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